Every Tatami project ventured is a unique story. One of our favorites is the Tatami Room concept we have created in late 2012 @ Lighthouse condominium. It was such a joy working with wonderful couple, Thomas & Jackie – who always bustled with excitement at the prospect of transforming this little room into a bedroom / home office space / guests entertainment area that reflects their tastes & serves their accommodation needs.


In this room:

1. Raised platform design with additional hidden storage compartments , Makes keeping away items & de-cluttering the room so much easier

2. Hidden study / tea tables. Enjoy ample legroom space while working on the laptop.  What used to be a tea space can be transformed into a cozy bedroom for guests

3. Handcrafted Tatami Floorboards. Unwind to the fresh fragrance of the natural igusa rush matting

4. Tatami Nile Sofa Beds with Tatami Pillows & Cushions. A great accompaniment to any entertainment room

5. Lots of joy!


It’s beautiful, bright & comforting – everything about Thomas & Jackie’s Tatami Room is meant to be! Even within a 90 square feet space, this clean & open concept creates an ideal backdrop for focused thinking as well as family get-togethers, sing-along & chatter for all occasions.


Calm simplicity. Refined beauty. Like living in a Japanese ryokan.



Benefits of a Tatami Chaperon Cushion B

Working at your desk for many hours can create a build-up of stress on your back and affect your mood for the entire day.

The Tatami Chaperon Cushion™ comes in a compact size that not only fits into most office chairs but is of the right size to support your mid and lower back perfectly. The Tatami Chaperon Cushion™ is neither too poofy nor too flat. It fits snuggly into the curve of your back and encourages you to sit in a relaxed and upright posture. The inner foam filling provides a small springy effect to help you get off your seat easily after many hours of sitting.
Choosing the right back support cushion, with the right material is also important.
If the cushion material has a tendency to trap body heat e.g. leather or memory foam, the build up of heat on your back can be frustrating and distracting. Handcrafted with igusa rushes, the Tatami Chaperon Cushion™ makes a whopping difference to the user’s comfort as body heat is able to ventilate through the natural material. Keeping the temperature just right for one to sit and focus for an extended period of time.
The smooth texture of The Tatami Chaperon Cushion™ makes it so easy to be wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth. Not forgetting that you can drop it off at The Tatami Shop @ East Coast for its complimentary annual free basic cleaning service*!
The natural grassy fragrance that is distinctive of igusa rushes, is also believed to be calming and refreshing.
*Terms and conditions apply, please see
Users are encouraged to take a break from their work every once in a while to engage in back and neck stretching exercises as advised by physiotheraphists.

How is Tatami Ideal for Young Children and Families?

Tatami Family Space B
Tatami Family Space C (1)
As new homes get smaller, how can you create a space that encourages your child to play, learn and bond, as much as it allows him / her to feel comfortable and safe resting in? 
Children can have a lot of fun with Tatami as the flooring feels springy and easy on the feet.
Tatami spaces can also be a focal point for family time, where children and parents can spend a quiet time together to read and unwind.
The Tatami Shop @ 235 East Coast Road provides Tatami flooring in firm, medium and soft densities; from which you are able to create a safe and ideal space for your toddler who is just learning to walk.
The natural Igusa rush matting that forms the surface of the Tatami, allows body heat to ventilate through its weaving and is naturally cooling to rest upon. With the soothing grassy aroma that relaxes the mind, children can also indulge easily in an afternoon nap.
See more Tatami Children’s Room designs on
children's room

Sit Back & Relax.


IMG_0624 (1)

Tatami Guest & Relaxation Room
@ Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

Set in a humble apartment, in Ang Mo Kio, this Tatami Guest Room set-up is defined by the soft appeal of the Tatami floors, sofa beds and Shoji panels.

The desire for an intimate relaxation space included the need for a spacious entertainment space that would be strongly multi-functional.

This room has a clever way to excite the tech savvy, to host a private tea party (with a hidden table concept) and to soothe the tired guest. All these and the ability (for the owner) to store away clutter, in style!

More Guest Room Concepts 

guest room

So Flexible. So Light. Shoji!

shoji door2

A nature-inspired sliding door / room partition design that closes up to offer a relaxing private guest room space.

The light-colored wooden doors and natural Igusa paper panels offer a soft and airy appeal to the common area; even though it stretches 4500mm in length and 2200mm in height.

To keep them poke-proof (from nosy fingers) and relativey safe from wet hands, the 100% natural Igusa paper panels are sandwiched between transparent acrylic layers.

Whether you are planning to recreate a bedroom / kitchen door entrance, a wardrobe door or simply to ‘wall-up’ part of a large open space to create a private room / study (all without making your apartment look like an indoor concrete maze), The Tatami Team Singapore is here to customized your ideas into reality.

What is our Tatami made up of???


The latest handmade genuine Igusa Tatami premium collection. Each piece has been meticulously handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using the finest selection of Igusa (grown and harvested in Kyushu, southern Japan). Expertly designed with deluxe features and curves, nothing combines luxury, comfort and durabiliy quite like fine Tatami furnishings.

Just click on the image to learn more about our genuine Igusa Tatami Futon Furnishings.

The Tatami Nile Sofa Bed

The Tatami Nile Sofa Bed

The Tatami Shop’s Nile Sofa Bed is one of the world’s most space saving and mobile Tatami furnishings. Handcrafted from premium quality Igusa rushes found in Kyushu, Japan; it conveniently folds up for easy carrying in your home or office, while providing a firm back support when you lounge or sleep. Smooth to the touch and easy to clean, the Igusa material is known to have the unique and natural ability to keep the body cool or warm, when the weather turns hot or cold respectively. Unwind to the grassy aroma of the natural Igusa material and be fully refreshed!